Many questions have come to us about our use of Sucralose as our chosen Sweetener for our pre workout system.

 Most important thing you need to know... Sucralose is made from Sugar! Natural sugar, that your body knows how to break down and use! Sucralose is called an Artificial Sweetener, why I don’t truly understand, did you know it is the only Artificial Sweetener derived from Natural Sugar. Sucralose is the NON-CALORIC portion of the Sugar Molecule, it is the isolated sweet part only! Which is fabulous, it has many peer reviewed research studies proving that it has no effect on BLOOD GLUCOSE levels and 95% of it is completely removed out of your body through the gut and the kidneys in less that 5 hours, which means it isn’t even absorbed into our tissues!

 After much research and testing of individual ingredients and compounds, we truly have created a highly effective Pre work out drink, and system. It took a lot of work to get these 4 formulas just right! Once we got the right energy producing products combined, Next step was to make it taste AWESOME! We wanted our flavoring to be incredible, there requires a certain amount of either natural or artificial sweetener to enhance and make a flavor in a product or food really pop. My mind set throughout the creative process was YOUR health and all patients health. Our original formulas actually contained Stevia, however there have been controversial findings on whether Stevia is healthy or not, since its benefits were unclear and undetermined I looked elsewhere. Simply Pre-work Out is designed to maximize the benefits out of your workout routine, by providing potent energy producing compounds, that the body knows how to use to generate ATP, cellular energy, and increase cellular respiration which improves performance and mental focus, without adding anything that would affect your metabolism negatively, diminish your health goals, negatively affect weight goals, nor diminish fitness goals. Using Sucralose truly fits all these goals, before trusting marketing, please inform yourself on the actual benefits of Sucralose. 

Sucralose has been proven safe to be ingested at all ages from 2 years old to 100 years old, without any negative effects on their health. Blood glucose (blood sugar is unaffected by Sucralose, even proven 100% safe for diabetics. To ensure you are aware of its proven effectiveness and safety this link below will take you to a peer review of over 100 studies on the safety and positive benefits of using sucralose. I DO NOT recommend the use of any other termed “Artificial Sweeteners”, all others, because they are not derived from a natural food source like sucralose. All others have been proven to be dangerous to your mental health, your digestive health, they have even been found to be carcinogenic compounds. It is unfortunate that Sucralose is added to the list titled “artificial Sweeteners”, but make no mistake it is superior to all the rest, and the evidence is here below:

Here is to you reaching your health and fitness goals,

Dr Bryan Ardis