We all have that inner athlete that wants to push harder and exceed what others think possible. Life sometimes gets in the way. You want to get fit and feel good. See results without the jitters. We get it. We had our aha moment one morning sitting in the gym post Crossfit workout. When discussing pre-workout products we all said we stopped taking what was out in market because of discomfort caused by existing products.

We said – why doesn’t someone create a natural pre-workout product? At that moment we knew what we had to do. Not only to help ourselves, but help change pre-workout formulas for the world to benefit from. For athletes, by athletes.

We laid out our foundation, how can we deliver on below, as we wish already existed:

  • Ships to your door
  • Tastes good
  • No jitters/crash
  • Constantly varied
  • All natural ingredients
  • A complete system

Thus, Simply Pre Workout was born. We partnered with Dr. Ardis. We tested over 300 natural ingredients, found 250 that didn’t work and found 50 that did. We painstakingly perfected the taste. We are passionate about our new formula and can’t wait to share it with you.


Brandon Pogue & Michael Streight