Here’s the short answer: because it’s better for you. It’s that simple. Of course, we like to keep everything simple when it comes to Simply Pre-Workout because we’ve developed an innovative, all-natural pre-workout drink that tastes as good as you’ll perform. Here at 2010 Labs, after extensive research, we saw that many pre-workout products were chalked full of nasty fillers, little-understood chemicals and other artificial sweeteners and dyes. To us, it was almost ironic that a product intended to help you get stronger and healthier was actually bad for you. Keeping this in mind, we were able to develop a series of great-tasting pre-workout nutrition solutions that provide clean, consistent energy. Not only that, but we also use sucralose, a sugar alchohol, to help give our all-natural pre-workout its amazing flavor.

Enjoy a Naturally-Sweet Time at the Gym with Simply Pre-Workout

As we’ve mentioned in the past, what you put into your body matters, especially before you exercise! Whether you’re deadlifting, focusing on core strength or training for a marathon, real athletes require real fuel. That’s why Simply Pre-Workout only includes natural ingredients that are there for a reason. Today, we’re going to take a look at sucralose, a natural sweetener that has been proven time and time again as a safe and healthy alternative to other means of flavoring.

Continue reading below to learn more about this incredible sweetener in our all-natural pre-workout drink, or shop Simply Pre-Workout today to enhance your athletic endurance, performance, and power!

What Is Sucralose?

Well, that’s a logical question to start with. Sucralose makes food and drinks taste sweeter without tacking on all of those unwanted calories or carbohydrates. Sucralose is an ideal substitute for sugar and other sweeteners due to its lack of caloric content. Overall, sucralose has a reputation for its place in weight management programs that incorporate quality nutrition with moderate physical activity - a perfect candidate for our all-natural pre-workout drink!

While both sugar and sucralose activate the same taste buds on your tongue, our bodies do not metabolize sucralose into usable calories which are then used for energy. Most of this zero-calorie sweetener that people ingest is harmlessly passing through the body. The tiny bit of sucralose that is taken in by the body exits fairly quickly through urine and doesn’t build up in your system.

Does that sound too sweet to be true? It’s not.

zero-calorie sweetner

Sucralose Safety Across The Board

When we say that sucralose is safe to use and consume as an alternative to conventional sugar and other harmful sweeteners, that’s not just our opinion. Sucralose has been extensively studied in countless European and American studies, proving time and time again that it’s as safe and delicious as it is calorie-free. Approved for use in over 80 countries around the world, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initially approved sucralose for certain food and beverage categories in 1998, quickly expanding their approval to all food and beverage categories in 1999. Other official scientific groups and organizations that have thoroughly reviewed and approved the safety of sucralose include the European Union Scientific Committee on Food (SCF), the Health Protection Branch of Health of Welfare Canada, and Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Can Diabetics Safely Consume Sucralose?

Absolutely. Sucralose has been proven to have no effect on insulin or blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. Additionally, for diabetics and other people who must strictly monitor their carbohydrate intake, sucralose-sweetened foods and beverages tend to be lower in carbohydrate content. Naturally, if you have specific nutritional concerns about consuming Simply Pre-Workout or sucralose, contact a registered dietician or health care provider.

Can You Gain Weight By Consuming Sucralose?

Eating too much of just about anything without a balanced diet and moderate amounts of exercise can lead to weight gain, but at face value, sucralose has not been proven to cause weight gain. Quite the opposite, a number of studies have demonstrated that minimum-calorie sweeteners like Sucralose can actually facilitate weight management and even weight loss. All things considered, when introducing foods and beverages that use low-calorie sweeteners into a dieting strategy, low-calorie sweeteners should be used to replace their full-calorie sweetener equivalent. Work smarter, not harder.

Does Sucralose Have Any Effect On Tooth Decay?

Nope! Excess quantities of ordinary sugar do, of course, but sucralose has not been proven to cause cavities. This is primarily because the bacteria in plaque do not pick up and absorb the sucralose, so to speak, and cavity-causing acids do not form. Overall, sucralose has not shown to accelerate oral bacterial growth and does not encourage any extent of tooth decay.

Is Sucralose Safe For Breastfeeding and Pregnant Women?

Sucralose is safe for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. While sucralose is safe to consume when used in a healthy pre and post-pregnancy diet, it is generally recommended that pregnant or breastfeeding women consult her doctor about taking in optimal nutrients that supplement her health as well as the health of the baby.

Get Fit Safely and Intelligently With Sucralose-Sweetened Simply Pre-Workout

Everything probably sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it? With all the benefits of our incredible flavors without any of the conventional artificial sweetener drawbacks, the team at 2010 Labs is ready to share our workout “secret” with you. Take your time at the gym to the next level by trying all of our delicious Simply Pre-Workout flavors at 2010 Labs. Shop today!